Warehouse and Inventory Management System with Odoo 


Improve your Operation & Performance 

The committed inventory module of Odoo for brilliant and effective administration of your warehouse Odoo inventory and warehouse center administration furnish you with undeniable control of the activities of your item stockpiling, and development carrying dependability to your control operation.

Automation is Key

Odoo trust in the automation and inventory module is outfitted with computerization tools.


One can design for automation request generation under the reordering rules and prevent the orders from being produced by setting the scope of a few units to be accessible.

Absolute Traceability

Track and traceback the item in both inhouse as well as outhouse operation.

With the choice to define serial as well as part numbers to the items/products you will have total recognizability on the item moves to assist with the inventory tasks/operation of our organization.

Devoted and Complete Reporting

The reports generation is one of the advanced feature of Odoo and accessible in inventory management.

The report generation ability in inventory management will assist you with the generation of reports continuously offering you quantitative analysis on all the inventory related tasks.