How to create a quotation and conform quotation

Sales Quotation is the official communication in a prescribed format that provides a purchaser with the information on the actual expenses for a product. It can also be the price of a service. Different businesses offer the same service at different costs. The cost differs due to reasons like the material used and the labour charges.
A user can select QUOTATIONS from the Order list in Sales Module.

Create New Quotation
To create a new quotation, you can go to Sales. - Quotations - Create
Then you will get a create form as given below.

Here, the user will be able to give the details including customer name.
You can also add, treatment, invoice address, delivery address, Expiration date, quotation date, price list and payment terms.

Here you can give the product details, description, quantity for sale, unit of measure, package, unit price and taxes. This also helps to generate the subtotal. Here the user can also add coupons and promotions.
Quotation template
You can create a quick quotation template if quotation templates are required frequently.
Create Template
You can create template by going to Sales -Configuration Quotation Template
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