Purchase Automation Overview

Nerku Purchase Order process requires many activities, for example, changing a request for quotation to an purchase order, creating an invoice-vendor bill, validating bill, registering payment for an invoice. Typically, one need to play out these activities manually to finish a Purchase Order. Automated Purchase Order Workflow process Nerku application gives design work process to automate all or a portion of these particular cycles and activity. When the work process is designed, it is to be connected with purchase order and afterward every one of these interaction will oversee appropriately on only a single tick . In light of the design arrangement programmed work process will require each purchase order which lessen the heaps of time and work.

Delivery Set To Done

Design Delivery Set To Done for Purchase Order.

Creating Vendor Bills

Arrange to Create Vendor Bills for Purchase Order.

Confirmation of Vendor Bill

Design Vendor Bill Confirmation for Purchase Order.

Vendor Bills Paid

Arrange Vendor Bills Paid for Purchase Order.

Configuration for allowing the order confirmation
Purchase Automation Configuration

Approval While Validating Purchase Order Receipt

Client enable "Delivery Set To Done" , User Can Validate Purchase Receipt

Approval While Creating Purchase Order Vendor Bill

  Client enable " Vendor Bills" , User Can Create Vendor Bill

Approval While Validating Vendor Bill Client enable  "Confirm Vendor Bill" , User Can Confirm Vendor Bill

Approval While Validating Vendor Bill Register Payment

Client enable "Merchant Bill Paid" , User Can Paid Vendor Bill