An enterprise application must follow the client's instructions. Customization creates a tailored experience in an application based on the needs and ideas of the client. Odoo offers a fully complete package to satisfy an enterprise's needs, but clients will always demand something additional. At Dynamic Softech, we examine your additional requirements and, as a result, devise the best plan for implementing the functionalities. We provide high-end modification services so that customers may get the most out of their applications and achieve their business objectives. Our technical team uses Odoo's modular approach to help you meet all of your requirements   .

Requirement Gathering

From start to completion, requirements collecting is the process of establishing project's exact requirements.
This process takes place during the project's commencement phase, but we'll keep track of your project needs throughout the duration of the project.

GAP Analysis

A gap analysis  is a method for a corporation to recognize its current condition and compare it to its intended state by evaluating money, labor and time.

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study examines all of a project's pertinent aspects, including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling issues, in order to determine the project's chances of success. .


The method involved with dissecting accessible information to foresee the time, cost, and assets expected to finish a task.

Customer Approval

Customer can set up client endorsement whenever offered to colleagues should support the products that are followed through on a business request before the merchandise can be invoiced.


The interaction and the office of arranging, putting together, planning, and controlling the assets to achieve explicit objectives.


Gathering  of activities assigned for exploring and analysing progress of a given undertaking to give partners data about real degrees of execution and nature of the venture.


The  framework utilised by an office or proprietor for getting sorted out and financing plan, development, activities, and support administrations for a construction or office by going into legitimate concurrences with at least one elements or gatherings.