The Education business, with various exercises like affirmations, archive check, tests, and records of all the pass-outs, as of late conceded understudies, understudies that are now there alongside the staff subtleties, is vigorously reliant upon the board. Though the scholarly piece of the business assumes a vital part, they should keep up with their reports and records and the staff subtleties in a basic, effectively available way. Since these subtleties are extremely private and vital to an understudy, the organization can't bear to lose or lose them. There are many obstacles looked by the instructive divisions some of them are correspondence, straightforward activities, oversaw organization, charge the board, and then some.

How we can Help?

Dynamic Softech- Odoo serving Odoo ERP for scholastic foundations assumes a crucial part in the schooling business. Odoo ERP will work with the administration for explicit assignments like charges the board, cash the executives, library books the board, absolute stamps and tests the executives, affirmation the executives, individuals the board, and so forth Odoo ERP for scholastic foundations is intended to take into consideration the progression of the information between each stack part like understudies, staff, guardians, graduated class, and so on This might be helpful to broaden straightforwardness of institutional approaches and understudy quality and faster course of reports.

How it works?
Dynamic Softech-odoo serves the Odoo ERP software that assumes a significant part commencing and making a faultless organization and viable administration framework. Dynamic Softech Odoo Educational ERP software can be a solid answer for a wide range of instructive stages like schools and universities. One of the favorable highlights of Odoo School ERP software is that it stays adaptable and effectively upgradeable to any association size. 

Advantages of Odoo in the Education Sector:
Monster barriers i n information trade between divisions, staff, and furthermore the administration.
Utilization of printed version archives that have the probabilities of getting lost or confronting various wear and year misfortunes close by confusion high.
Change workers' record is unavoidable and keeping in mind that not the right instruments of the board, it will become ruinous.
Sophistication in report age and investigation of quantitative data.
File record access can take time and can't be through easily.
The normal technique is a ton time-bound and furthermore the cycle and dynamic times are nonstop.

Key Features of ERP for the Education industry:  

  1. Timetable management system

  2. Financial accounting module

  3. Admission management system

  4. Grades and exam operation system

  5. Hostel management module

  6. Asset and inventory management program

  7. Budget and cost control module

  8. Recruitment operation system

  9. Biometrics payroll management module

  10. Fees management system